Chios – Çesme: Back to Turkey….

27 Jun

Today’s goal was easy…. cycling back to Chios and waiting for the ferry in the evening… unfortunately, they are only in the morning and evening… so by bicycle you need to sleep close to the ferry station. 

The landscape was very green and the trmleratures still warm. Or better: increasingly warm. 

Some “small” and “poor” villa which shows where Greece has money…

With always the view to the sea:

Here and there some little villages

Here and there some reflections ;/)

And either Olive or Mastic trees

Even the Romanians are trying to find some money ;/)

So while waiting for the ferry… and to enjoy the warm-hot temperature:

Of course: beer with fresh lemon juice :-))
Then loading the ferry (while my bicycle was moved without asking. 

And even getting little kids… 😉

Back to the same hotel 
Good night!

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