Arriving to Denizli…

2 Jul

Today morning I was waking not so early thanks to have put the tent on the correct spot with the shadow from the trees in the morning. 

So when I woke up at 7am, people were already working on the field. On a Sunday. 

They invited me to come drink a Çai at their home… but when i had packed everything, i didn’t saw their house. 

The road was a nice descent… with in the far something appearing.. a part of my goal. 

But I had a doubt. Was I on the right way? ;/)

The agriculture could be similar to tea… i will have to find out where they get all their tea from. 

Yes… the temperature was a bit higher…so i made a break for lunch at a restaurant 

Later I Nice silver mosque appeared, with storks cooking on top of it 😉

And here as well 😉

And when i mean cooking:

And finally there was a change… a big loud boom:

Again broking the tire. I had enough and out the Schwalbe Almotion TLE on it. Worked like a Charme, even without a compressor. Even without sealant! 

And finally arriving in Denizli…

With a booming situation: the building will be ready in 1-4 months
I had found an “apartment” for a good price… so why not. …

Let’s go out to grab something to eat !

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