To the Orange Beach / Chalkidiki

6 Mar

After a hiking weekend the goal was cycling the south of the second of the three half island of Chalkidiki. That island was looking much more promising as less flat. 

The weather started a bit cloudy and with a first ramp… 

So I had to change myself at the top to 1) not get cold, 2) enjoy some dry clothe and 3) let the wet clothes dry while cycling down 

The view was just magnificent.. and make the up and down of the cliffs etc disappearing. 

Two of those 🐛 that causes problems to the local three and as learned: they have silk that may provoke irritation which is better not to be touched. They were doing a big chain…. and putting two one after the other made them turn around 🙂

For once flowers instead of garbage beside the road…

And beaches…

Farmers who lives very basically 

And sand formation caused by the rain. 

And then: you change yourself… a car stop by and ask you where you come from…. you explain Black Forest Black Sea Athens and here…. and get a little present that warms the heart 

In the back my next goal in the clouds

Very in the back

And a new beach…

Some inviting beaches…

And Sarti …. with again: nearly no one as it is off season. 

With my view from the tent tonight:

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