Three minutes making the difference 

19 Feb

The ride towards Loutra Edipsou was just beautiful not to steep, wind from south not to cold…. everything to feel well on a bicycle 🙂

So Limni is really nothing special… 

Sometimes the nature wants its place back…
And sometimes, you have to ask you where the signs means to be. (Right: direction of Saint Giourgios. You may ask: is there another Sain then me? By number of Monastery and churches, half of the Georges must be Saints – which of course you already knew ;o)

When arriving to Loutra Edipsou, the Thermal place of the island Evia, quite a few old building are besides the road… you really can feel that there was a not so old ancient time when that place was famous:

A newer building with the thermal water coming out:

The ruin of the past:

And the ferry missed by three minutes 

And two hours to enjoy some vitamins:

People moving with their cat:

Towards Glyfa:

Bye bye Evia / Agiokambos:

At th the end somewhere there, the sea is 18m small: Chaldika
Long way back to Athens 

Olive trees and olive trees and… guess what…. olive trees!

Just finished to setup the tent before it really started to rain 🙂

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