After a rainy night…

20 Feb

…I decided  to stay longer in the tent to allow it to dry. As I don’t have a defined goal to be somewhere at a given time, I enjoy my new flexibility. Therefore I only started after 12 o’clock. 

And the road were starting to dry:

The new way to harvest:

In Achilio, I could buy some lentils, oranges and a tomato. It seems to be a nice village, which is specialised on the summer time. There was nearly no one there, most of the coffee and shops were closed. 

Spring is starting: flowers are starting to be seen

I had to make and stop… and couldn’t just look away and collected the garbage that was just there. But it could be done nearly on all the way. 
An alternativ way for your horse..:

That direction was a military base… which wasn’t specified on my map. 

The road changed for a few Kilometer from concrete to dirt and back…

And at once the vegetation changed: less rocks and more fields. Interestingly the farmer needed to remove a lot of stones 

After 50km I decided to take place behind a hill… I was hoping that I wouldn’t here the close by highway… I was wrong. And the earth was sticky… I will enjoy the first meters tomorrow! 😉

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