25th day: to Ostrov; 101km, 735 climbing meters 

5 Oct

Shorter blog today…. i slept only 4h and needs some rest now. 

The day started nicely – even Bulgaria have already put the watches one hour ahead. But only after a dog was crying since 4h30  ….

Towards the first climbing right after Lom

View over Lom:
After the first descent and tail wind:
Tent is setup at the Danube 
Someone is starting a new wine collection…
From the table land above the Danube 
Could have been an alternative instead of waiting the wind getting less strong so the ferry could bring us to Romania

Romania on the other side:
There were once connected:
From over the Danube 

In Glotz-Henne : (for German Speaker 😉)

Smoke of the bush fire
Someone was thinking it could be a good day to put fire… Windy!!!
Rest of the sand dune bevor the Danube 

And watch your path in the holes 

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