Little work…

16 May

Sometimes, people make mistakes. Like bringing the rain collecting pipe into a drainage pipe 3m in the ground, in front of the cellar. Yes, increasing the chance for humidity trough the walls.

Then the connections were not made correctly:

and some workers had used a pet bottle as connection between two pipes:

the place was barely used and needed to be upgraded:

the soil had come slowly down… time makes happen much.

Lots of soil needed t be removed…

And the old pipes needed to be changed. The drainage will be cleaned and inspected for damages.

hard work… but with some biodegradable oil and, work and time, it’s possible!

Much soil had gone down… light could come through.

here the problem can be seen: concrete plate had been put vertically, but without any attachment. So first some sand could come between the plate and the concrete foundation. Then little stones, then larger ones. And a gap has risen. Including more issues.

so it was time to remove everything…

fix the concrete plate to the foundation

but put as well a net to prevent the soil sliding to the room below (see picture above)

some adaptations…

with some safety…

to make it fit to the rock:

but having some bad luck with hitting concrete irons… ;/)

now back to the lower stage… adding the pipes..

and some customisations

and adding 343 holes..

adapting anfine filter…

and bringing all together:

and the filter for larger particles works…

preparation for the flat ground…

And putting the 510 Liter reservoir, with the device for too much rain:

some wood cutting:

for the shelves..

nearly clean water:

Filter is working:

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