Personal request to a tent…

31 Jan

1) enough place for two. So 3 people tent

2) two entrances with enough place for luggage

3) inner and outer tent come up together

4) wind stable for minimum 100km/h

5) inner tent doors should be full mosquito net AND can be covered/closed with a tissue to keep warmth inside and sand outside

6) outer tent doors can be open/closed from left and right: adapting to the wind and let the possibility for better aeration

7) ideally, the tent would be set up from one place/one side and had only once the need to walk around to fix the pegs

8) the tent shouldn’t make a difference between wet and dry condition: some tents need to be tensioned when wet. When they dry up, the material gets very tensioned which is unnecessary stress in the material

Fully covered mosquito net doors
Best aeration possible, even in light rain moments. Gear can be hidden below and is rain protected
NoGo: Traditional way for aeration: most of the gear won’t be protected neither against rain nor against the view from bad minded people aka thieves

My current best compromise..

Left: my best peg: titanium: very robust and not as heavy as iron. Never have bent them, even in hardest ground. Worth every extra penny

2nd: square aluminium pegs with a little rope to more easily remove them

3rd: square aluminium without rope: difficult to remove, easier to forget

4th: standard aluminium peg. Cheap and worse pegs used. Won’t enter compact soil and break easily.

5th: special… quite light, won’t break but bend. Main issue: bulky and difficult to hammer in compact ground

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