To Çakmak – heat and climbing 

12 Jul

After waking up by some wild dogs barking around the tent, I needed longer to start. That’s the challenge when having to wild camp in a country with a lot of Sheppards… there is movement you don’t recognise from scratch. 

While having breakfast, a friend was a bit interested… 😉

The way down after a night is always more convenient then climbing directly. 

I had breakfast at a gas station where I could “deliver” my contribution to the wild

Camping place. 

Kale was the next direction…

With still a lot of field on that higher plateau (850m)

And since long another cloud again 🙂

And the difference of how some people have to work the fields. Even with that machine and since it is very small, it will take him ages to have down the whole field. 

And even being at 800+m altitude, it is hot and the sun very strong. 

A try to bring people into the village? Didn’t worked for me. 

Even that one was just a smile. But a good place for washing 🙂

After a while, lunch was the topic. Not really because of hunger. But because there was some climbing ahead and it was mid day. 

Traditional Tea (Çay)

And a good place to rest 😉

Then The Valley was going up again…

To reach the next pass… and having to find a place 

Which I could very soon after some washing. 😉

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