To Murighiol, a bit the opposite of yesterday

23 Oct

Again some contradictions and similarities … especially to yesterday.
 Not enough sleep as there was a party going on til at least 1:30. So I took it quite easy in the morning.
 Luckily, there was no rain even the sky was looking quite grey. After a short climbing, the wind shows himself: since quite long not helping that time.
 As I was quite tired, all the day wasn’t really a rolling one. So I decided to make it much shorter and rest a bit more
 View of the lake before the sea:

Many garden still has some flowers:

Again: being back on the countryside, much more of those are to be seen on the road:

And as well of those: that one was still moving arrrghh

 I was expecting the sea side to be flat. I was wrong:

The alley wasn’t a protection against the wind… but the imagination it could be was helping:


Many building are empty and in ruin. That one was like a village surrounded by a fence and an entrance guard house. But all falling apart 🙁

You would think that is where the EU money is disappearing…but they built as well a new primary school. Knowledge is the future!

 Another inside lake:

Some houses are covered like in northern Germany, Dänemark and the Netherlands. That one was quite big!

Green house, sponsored by EU:

And an ancient house with wood cuts:

My camping for tonight:

– by Georges


2 Replies to “To Murighiol, a bit the opposite of yesterday

  1. It is somehow disapoointing to see such a nice Country, kind people, etc. but no opportunities.

    • Regarding to a discussion with a French worker I had, he saw big changes in the last three years he is spending regularly time here.
      We might have to let time do its work…

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