To Braila; a mind set

25 Oct

The day started very very slowly in the tent, inside of a very warm sleeping bag 😍 surrounded by 8°C air…
 In summary: I Never would have thought that it would demand more than 1200m of climbing in one day near the Danube plain…
 And after have solved some “head knots”, the motivation was full there to finish in Braila and have some resting days there. I’ve no flight waiting for me…

The Danube is well known for its different numbers of birds. Therefore many people go there in the summer, while during they leave in fall

With a zoom objective, the Danube would be better seen:

Ducks leaving… and trying to finding there leading duck:

After some climbing, the south of the Danube is to be seen: there are three arms, while only one can been seen.


The road goes more inland, where agriculture is omnipresent:

And back in direction of the river:

With very warm temperatures:

 But beautiful landscape

And always orthodox churches: that with curtain at the windows

Well, you can feel it 😉

The road is always going a little up to see the Danube plains:

The side of the Danube show large swamp areas:

I never would have expected them here!

Left of the road (and the 400m from th Danube) the edge of the plain by sand dunes:

Very big, huge animal farm… now I know where cheap meat is from 🙁


Hey my dear friend… we really meet again? Along the promenade of the Danube

But nearly nobody around and the feeling of the place had once Luxus that has disappeared:

Not fitting the place: old habitation vs promenade


Leaving Tulcea

Nope, don’t wanna change 😉

Golden roof:

Wanna play Futbol?

Old heat pipes out of the city as there was a fossile power plant and concrete industry:

The name says it:

Again a plateau over the plain:

Speeding down:

Kind of table lands:

At least… but with freed mind, saddle correctly set up, less muscle pain from last weeks hiking: a climbing to enjoy 🙂

And when you arrive on the top, you need a first striptease to remove the wet clothes..which gave time to a worker to walk around and look everything about my bike with the hand (instead of the eyes):

More birds flying around:

Another power plant:

 And a different view of the plain, with other houses. Most of them are heated by coal, or plastic and it smells accordingly:

Why the Danube plain is very good for agriculture: dark earth, and many little channels for irrigation:

Meat production at night:

Important to have good light:

But there was something I did not thought about: dogs don’t need light to see me… but I do. And it’s not very enjoyable to have a dog running beside the road trying to catch you… and not having the bread ready to throw
 Arriving at the Danube with another ferry. But at night… very special!

And arriving in Braila with the tram:

Diner… and long discussion with the tenant of the Hotel. Very very kind and nice! That’s what I love while cycling….

Location:Strada Golești,Braila,Romania

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  1. Schweizer essen Wurstsalat mit Pommechips, hier mit Käse (soweit erkennbar).
    Dann lieber mit Käse. Das waren keine Hunde, das war der tasmanische Teufel. Die werden in der Farm nebenan gezüchtet.

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