Back to the south… amazing day!

27 Oct

Thanks whomever for that cool day…
 Well, cool in many manners!
 Mostly blue sky with clouds
 Met a cool guard while leaving Breila
 Temperatur between 8 and 3.9°C
 And again: I made the right decision to stay one more day off yesterday. It was then rainy while today not and I could go out for a flirt… what could have been better!??

 The fountain with view over the Danube (where I met the guardian)

 Cycling path beside the Danube:

Ending in another kind of path:

 And one more church…

 Remember Constanta? But that one has a gun on it!

 Remember home?

 South of Breila, there is a nice site for camping and hotel… but I guess only in summer time:

Which is not with such temperature

Getting out in direction south, again abandoned industry (in a mainly rural region):

 Ancient irrigation system broken:

But a little house and grapes:

Yep, happy!
 About cold: only two layers of merino long leaves shirt


And again: field…. very big fields

And some times a war memorial in a village

Two solar station. Many wind farms

I have the choice… it will be the one with 17x km 😉

Single cow grassing:

 Entering the district of the next big city:

And mostly every village have poor…

…and riche houses:

Remember…. 🙂

Direction next big city

 A small copy of the Tour Eiffel! 🙂

 Crop producing dust:

 Getting a bit less warm 😉

 And 200m from a river..:

A place to stay and cook in the forest:

Bonne nuit!


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