To Bucharest 

28 Oct

I woke up first at 2am… as I had a visit during the night. First, I only heard like someone walking over the leaves… quite scarying in that moment, especially because my eyes were covered and I couldn’t recognise if there was light outside. Any movement would have made noise, I just waited. 
And then the relief: some kind of horse shoes were to be heard as well as strange like a mix between long cat and pork… I could imagine it could have been a wild swine. 
Being calm again, I could sleep…until 9am! (No sun or wind on the tent, no neighbours to wake one up)

I had two solution: back on the main road or take the alternative a bit more south of the river Ialomit(z)a, closer to the highway… i must admit to have very little hope of cycling on it 😉

The first village had the first church made of wood I’ve in Romania so long. 

And it was still very agricultural and poor
But with nice landscape and having the edge of the river Ialomita (the “t” has a little comma below and is pronounced as “tz”). Yesterday, I cycled a bit down when I quit the main road 

Animals are just living for themselves. By the look at their feathers, I can unfortunately only think that people took them the flying essential ones, so they would remain locally. 

Much sheep and the (for me) typical Romanian sky over the Danube:

After a while, the road turned left to Orezu…

Leading to some km of dirt road. Happy it was dry!

Quite strange way of electricity power lines… 

And many old water holes that were used for the horses but not for cars

All the lakes are connected to fishing sports.

And the closer you get to Bucharest, the more industrial it gets…

With corresponding traces like in many countries:

But then you start to see where the 12 Mio people have to have place:

Then search for a hotel started… nothing really to my gusto or budget.  And while I was searching online, Dorin helped me…. 

He’s just amazing!
We finally ended up with a very good dessert and a very open and friendly discussion with his friends. THANK YOU!

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