To Babadag / controversial day!

22 Oct

Yes, the titel is it saying it: it was such a controversial day!
 First the night was short as the neighbours were talking quite loud.
 Then I must confess that the week break at home was momentarily given not only good vibes. Seeing people I care in my heart and landscapes I love as well, but as well just living in the day was coming up today morning. Even my body was crying: I had terrible muscle pain from Thursday’s mountain hiking… 😞And then, the start of the 2nd part was alone… very different then the previous start.
 On top of it: the weather forecast said it would rain…
  But then I got out of the hotel:

 And out of the city in direction of the dark clouds

 But had nice weather:

…never forget to look at all sides: where you get another information:

 The hotel and sea site has not only hotel to show, but a cable car as well:

 Heading more to the north and the Hotel starts to be less… but new are being built.

Then I switched to the sea side:

With the beach…but the season is over. Only from June to September:

Till the end of the promenade:

 Both sides of the weather:

And then the industry starts: the port and the oil industry:

 And then something happens the first time in Romania: a group of about 10-20 cyclist (MTB-Like) came the other way. 😊

 And there is hope… many windmills are here as well/

 Doesn’t looks like, but it goes here up!!

Many orthodox churches

And many in construction as well:

Grain storage – out of order:

 And arriving after 95km and 500 climbing meters in:

Shaving time…make a new man. But not new legs: I walk like an old man – thanks to the mountain hiking of Thursday!

 – by Georges

Location:Strada Republicii,Babadag,Romania

2 Replies to “To Babadag / controversial day!

  1. Shaving legs? That won’t happen that soon… the feeling to cycle with someone having a finite goal was the special… and even it was different, I did enjoy it as well.

  2. You had to shave the legs to obtain a new feeling. Not the face.
    Georges, you are used to travel alone. Maybe you will never leike it, however, you know how to handle. Go…. Or should I say, ride…..

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