22 Oct

Edit: just wanted to thanks the two Romanian guys who brought me from the airport to the Hotel! It was a real pleasure to meet you! You confirmed my experience that most Romanian people are really kind and friendly. Thanks!

I unfortunately have lost the paper with your email address…
By the way: just bought a Romanian number:+40 (755) 257 077 There was a special offer for 5€ I found just walking by… 🙂 

And trying another app for offline writing…

– By Georges

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  1. It was our pleasure Georges, we wish you all the best and happy cycling, enjoy Romania… will leave my email just in case you are visiting Constanta for a larger period of time next year or if you need mobile software services as well 🙂 don’t hesitate to contact me

    • Really big thank You Catalin!

      You are from all those nice and friendly Romanian people that showed me a cool attitude! Thanks!

      About software: BlogPress and WordPress (two blogging apps) would certainly needs some help with their buggy app… 😉

      All the best! Great Romania!

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