To Çanakkale : bye bye European Continent!

9 Jun

After the usual cleaning of the wildcamping (what ever was possible because of the amount), I was looking for joining Gelibolu and the indicated post office. I had first planned to see the peninsula – but the parcel was waiting for me (email contact). 

I wasn’t the only slow vehicle on the road…

And I enjoy entering a again a new city with a different culture to the one I was used the last years. 

At the parcel office – different to the post office – I got the information that my parcel was in Çanakkale… again some change in my no-plan 🙂

But I wanted to have a look at the haven…

And needed sim forces – well… or wanted to taste the yummy dessert. And it was a good decision: while enjoying it, some rain drops felt… nothing big, but happy not to get wet. ​​

The road followed then the Dardanelles… a very nice landscape and heavily impacted in the last wars. 

And it is a high traffic sea road. 

And therfore a lot of history: on the hill on the right, the “Sphinx”, an old rest of a city
Sailing boat 
Large boats…

Arriving just 5min to late, even if the “colleagues” from the other pears were telling me to come over here…
Entering the beast:

The European continent is behind me… mixture again of :-)-;

And my baby waiting as well:

And the first meters on the Asian continent by cycle…

And since I’ve found a small, nice and cheap place to stay, I just decide to stay some days here….

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