To Güneyli (north of  Gelibolu)

8 Jun

Well… the first task of the day after the breakfast….

… was to fix the front tire as it was not tight. Fortunately, there was a fuel station closeby. And it was a good start… friendly people, some with very good some with no knowledge of English. 

Then I wanted to have a look at the Migros, which is one of the big shops at home and have had a spin off some decades ago. 

Similar but the not the same. 

And as a little welcome, the rain started a bit… not strong so I continued into Kesan to find the Turkcell shop to get a local SIM card. To what I know the best solution for now. Later I met Gökcan from Couchsurfing, with whom I could spontaneously have a coffee. 

The Turkish cuisine is continuing to make me happy 😊 

So after being set up, the direction was south… not on the highway… but similar. At least allowed for all vehicles and is safe since it has large sideways. 

At the top of a hill, a break was needed to r move the wet short, so it could drive while cycling down… and then when looking back, there was something approaching….

So I decided to cycle down…

In front of the next dark clouds. I needed to be closer to Gelibolu to get a parcel…and was enjoying the tail winds pushing me first down (72km/h) and then flat (30km/h)

By passing another rice region

To find a hidden place to camp, unfortunately with a lot of garbage..

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