Helping a broken leg and some greenzone …

30 Aug

A friend had a broken leg and free pass to the mountain… so I could join the good and the good 🙂

No MontBlanc this that…
I had hoped to take the cable car to cross the border… maybe another time?
The real one: walking up! Thumbs up!
Clouds arriving…
Ohhh my goodness! The last time I was here: around 1982: I was skiing down the vallée blanche… but at least 50-100 above that. It hurts…. 🙁
Since the rain was coming, I wanted to avoid jeopardising my chances to get back in time
The ice has molten soooo much. Not only far, but especially down!!
That’s all ice missing!!
Entrance of the ice cave
And back by train / dry! 🙂
La zampa rotta…浪

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