To Düsseldorf / 40km

27 May

After a night with the ships roaring up and down the thunder, we started the day with lots of side wind.

So a last picture before dismissing the tent…
There was already some dark menacing clouds … as well as some good sun light. As we saw asparagus direct from the farmer for 10€ per 3kg: we went for it. 🙂
Later on we decided to crosse the Rhine since the cyclist Jürgen told us the other side would have left chemistry sites and more to see. And nice forests parts. That meant for us we could have for sure less head wind… always good. Jurgen was quite impressive: he could stand on his bike for hours on the same spot. And with his over 70, he had cycled nearly one million kilometres… we still have some..hum.. a lot of progress! 😉
That was one of the many chemical industry we would have had to cycle around or through… 🙁
And test some of our abilities on loose terrain 🙂
And then we chose to get closer to the water
With some rewards of course 😉
There are always something true some where …
Slowly Bellona brought us somehow through Düsseldorf (we wanted to meet her friends)
And to the new Harbor hipster places
With interesting new architecture
And of course the TV tower.
Finally we arrived at the Rhine promenade
Where lots of people were enjoying sunshine
And some their religion ;o)
Bellona knew about the local brand..
Which goes a bit in direction of Guiness – at least for my taste. And yes: same tradition: empty beer glasses will be replaced kind of automatically against new ones.
Second last step was to cross the bridge…
And get my first covid test: nothing detected:-)

And some interesting wine… or milk? 😉

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