Köln meeting good old friends

26 May

The night was a bit short since there was some noise on the camping and we wanted to be ontime at our meeting.

Was Christo here? ;/)
Arriving closer to the meeting point…
Newer building made to remind the old haven.
And still marks from even older times.
The dome viewed from the Rhine
And the old buggar half remembering
At least he didn’t felt too uncomfortable
Side view of the dome after a coffee
Impressive massive view after turning back
Followed by a professional tour by Maria. So cool!
Holy Mary
Was taken from north Italy at some point in history..
It reminded me the Sultan lodge la of some mosques
Waiting while the ladies went into the dome
Mhhhhh… when you get invited to a nice place 🙂
The tradition: every empty Glas will be exchanged with a full one 😉
Literally tons of people made promises…
The “new docks” views from the other side of the Rhine
Many Maria’s are saint… or nearly;-) 🙂
Some Austria /Swiss people came here around? 😀
The ford factory is sooo huge that it has three stations!
Protection from Maria *hug* 🙂
Heavy loaded ship…

Light loaded ship 😉

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