Third day down the Rhine.. to Laufenburg – 74km

11 May

After a memorable and great evening with Pica and his family, the start was kind of easy: we just switched Paradies 😉

Little ancient monastery castle around the corner…
With the flags of the first Swiss cantons: Schwyz, Unterwalden, Uri, then I guess Paradies, then Lucerne, Zug and Glarus
Schaffhausen’ Mark: the Munot. A fortress with a elevated place where the military likes to do some events :o)
The place where the journey started with Heinzu 珞 in 2016…
Luckily: the final destination wasn’t written yet, since Luck and Love is the path of life.

Long time not seen: the Rhine falls…
Thanks Bellona for the coffee! 珞❤️
Back in Germany…
Zollamt is “customs”. Thanks to Schengen, the controls aren’t needed. And someone interchanges the letters 拾
After the tire, not the rack had an issue. Well… sometimes I’m not wrong. 邏路‍♂️
There is very often always a solution… so instead of mourning on the problem: go ahead! 🙂
And back in Switzerland….
Lots of little villages…
And many nice cycling pathes..
Along the growing rhine.
And happy to see quite a lot of swans! 
Leibstadt… one of the few nuclear power plants of Switzerland
Arriving slowly in Laufenburg.
Elderly home for people not over 30, only working days and from 8-19h? 樂樂邏拾
The old entrance into Laufenburg
Old town of German Laufenburg
Above the Rhine between Germany and Switzerland
Religion and empires…
And the view on Swiss Laufenburg
Kali orexi
Swiss Laufenburg by night
German Laufenburg by night

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