2nd day…. To Schlatt – 77km

10 May
So that was before sleeping…
And waking up in the morning. Quite a strange feeling to have had a first wild camping in a skatepark.
East Switzerland is know for apples… Most-Schwiiz
Continuation along the Lake Constance
To arrive in Constance. 🙂
A family building their home…
And back on the Swiss side.
Someone good a little swim..
And someone else another refreshing 
Well… luckily the bike had been “tested by a professional mechanic” before leaving 
1 flat for tubes, zero for tubeless…
And the professional mechanic had no issue to let someone on a bike journey with that kind of tires? I would shout myself…. 臘‍♂️臘‍♂️臘‍♂️路‍♂️
Last meters towards Pica and family. How lovely good families and friends can be! ❤️珞珞

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