Down the river Rhine… to Arbon – 72km

9 May

First day on the bike with my love ❤️

The bikes are ready… even if we are late! 來
On the Rhine dam… with some headwind and someone wearing a parachute 拾邏
To the north…
…with a friend on-board
First frontier crossing…
View over the river Rhine: it could be flood to the top.
Side arm (“Ill”) from Feldkirchen
And my queen is still there ❤️拾
Lunch break… greeting to Angelo! 
The channel would lead to the lake, we are heading to the west.
Interesting house..
Hundertwasser House…
Würth Art in the Garden. At the lake front
Is that really needed…
…it would be sooo easy.
Cooking for dinner: lentils, rice, tomato sauce, some oil…

Hoping to find a place for good night! 

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