Underground again

2 Mar

After heavy rain and strong wind, the night was quite short… even some tent peg were out of the soil. 

Mount Olympos again…

And the goal of the day:

Cave with the oldest skull found in Greece 300’00-600’000y ago 

And in Greece all is special: the stalactites are growing sideward as well… :o)

The replica of the found skull/ the only human part:

Bones of a lion:

Russian mafia is present: Kremlino Bankett room…

Some churches looks nice from far

But arent from a closer look:

The channel that makes the half island to an island. Kassandria is the most west of the three fingers on the map

Just before Fourka, I was starting to look for a place to stay, as it might be forbidden to wild camp. I stopped at a Aparthotel or so: we are not ready, the season is not yet open, the rooms are not ready yet. They even didn’t wanted to let me camp on their ground for some money. Unbelievable….they have enough money! šŸ™

Welcome drink : sweet cold coffee 

Enjoying the last sunlight 

Night view at the beach of Fourka

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