Kassandria half island

3 Mar

After a cooool night even being in a house, I was invited for coffee, sweets and an Albanian Grappa for breakfast…. 🙂

I decided to cycled against the wind to the south of the island… as there should have been a nice church with some history..
Passing nice coloured waters…. remember: air temp around 13°, 20°C in the sun
Enough candles…:

The view of Hot Bath hotel… in restauration

And then a climbing to the higher point of the island, where again there should be some thermal bath in Agia 

With an old school 

And the church beside:

View to the other side of the island. Unfortunately mt athos was in fog…

And the touristic region:

Roads are empty…. the island is near a ghost village. 

Crossing again the bridge of the channel to the mainland 

And starting to search for a camp ground:
Good night! 😉

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