Leaving Thessaloniki 

1 Mar

As my friendly Couchsurfing host needed to go to work, my day started early. I brought everything down and packed the bike. 

My first goal after a coffee was to go to the Athos office to get some information. I should be able to go there.. 🙂

The day was grey…like how I was feeling: no real target anymore… strange feeling!

In the fog, One of the many ship that go to the haven (biggest one after the Bosporus) is waiting…
Feeling for a few seconds home…. And my new stick against dogs. 

Another castle from Byzantine time:
To much garbage.. 🙁

One of the money points of Greece

Beach with sheeps:

Beach… with garbage.. 🙁

The luxury and the of version of “looking on the street”

When they are young, there a cute… but today, I had to use my new stick to prevent being attacked. 

Spring is starting…. almond tree in flower

The goal… being as close as possible to be there by tomorrow 

30min after eating, the rain started… ready for good night!

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