Back to Thessaloniki 

23 Feb

Yes… to go to the east by land, I had to come back to Thessaloniki. And there is a friendly and interesting NGO worker that I already met on the way to Athens. 

The only challenge was how to get into the city coming from south, knowing that the most direct way would be the highway and going over the road would cost 20-30 extra km. I was hoping there would be road all the way beside the highway. 

But it started with a niceeee view of the Mount Olympos 

The road followed some small villages with always some up and downs…. I was fearing to cycle to close to the sea because some road were dead ends. 

And mostly always some of the following: blue sky, sun, olives or fruit trees and the Sea 🙂

It was time to make a break for lunch, and so close to the sea, I wanted some fish. Which is very expensive. 

In Nea Agatouli I had once again a little lesson… and after that, time to be upset about me. The day before, I had some fish as well, with salad, bread, a coke and coffee for 7€. Today, I did ask about the price…. the big fish (600g) was 17€… the small ones 7€. So I went for the small one. What a surprise when the bill came: 14€ !!! And I was upset about me, because he made the “bill” on a newspaper and I just should have leave: in Greece it is mandatory to them to make a official bill, so they have to pay taxes. 

Fortunately I had time to calm down while cycling and had a good lesson. 

Here the road had to go below the highway.ater, I met a local in a car and asked him the way to Thessaloniki showing the bicycle. “Yes… just follow the Highway… only 30km” and he gave me a herbal sweet… mhhhh

Later I was meeting two times 2 road workers and all told me to follow the highway on the safety lane until after the bridge. Well ok… even the guy from the toll station told me after some minutes just to continue…

So I landed on the highway…. for more then a dozen of km 😉

Finally I decided to get down from it as I didn’t wanted to get a fine…

Some road were said to be “walking path”… not really:

And then the challenge of the city started:

And finally arriving to Thessaloniki:

Now I will go hiking a few days with the hosts and friend… be back next week. 

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