To Katerini east of Mt Olympos

22 Feb

Finally sun on the tent as breakfast…. but enough cold wind to cost some more energy to stand up. But I wanted to have a picture of the first sunlight. 

And then the heater was slowly 

And the day started with a mores or less gentle climbing:
To then see the again the Aegean Sea in the background shining. 

But soon the road changed, even it was said as a kind of “main road” and I was happy of the additional lift for the luggage (yellow spander)

With the first decision to take…. directly down to right… no… slowly down to the left. I guess right would have been “better”

Because soon the road changed even more :

Sometimes I did wished to be with my MTB and the trailer…. I could brake

Much less…

And finally I got back on the real road…yessss

And after one of the first turn, a Magersucht mountain was to be seen

And then another one:

It was time for lunch!

And a check if the protection was protecting 😉 it was!

At the end of Paleopyrgos, an old man have designed his house with shells… a tidy work!

And now Mt Ossa and Olympos at once!

And an alien on a bike

In Platanomas where the season slowly slowly starts to be prepared 

And the Castel of Neo Panteleimonas:

The Magestic Olympos was catching my attention:

And the Aegean Sea on the other side

Until I finally arrived after 80happy km in Katerini enjoying a shower since three days and nights…. 🙂

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