To Springhorstsee/ 63km

13 Jun

After a yummy breakfast, we started to the north in direction of Hannover

The Potassium (Kali) mountain.. or Kalimandjaro from Giessen potassium was used as fertiliser, even Magnesium was found. Some of the bores go over 850m deep!
We arrived near the small lakes and rivers
With old buildings from florishing times.
We had “weather” ahead of us …
And got some rain!
They can eat a whole tree
But good weather came back. As usual
With some mud – if you don’t have fenders;-)
Hannover townhouse in sight
They had finished the party the day before. Without asking us ;o)
The townhall from near
Forgive. Never ever forget.
And some art in Hannover towards the Gardens
Should be on every crossing
The George Alley
Oldest known plant in a bucket
We were too late for the great garden. We had lost some time for lunch and beer, in a few churches, to find and cycle till here and in some shops for Bellona’s phone.
Safe (?) house in the way out.
And preparing supper.

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