Lüneburger Heide: 74 km

15 Jun

After too booze yesterday evening (yep yep… it doesn’t solve issues and make them just bigger) the start was for once quite early: Bellona had stand way earlier than before. Cool!

In direction of Celle following a nice cycle at first. But after a while: it was „hardcore”cycling on the road. So since I had the trailer and a brighter vest, I decided to be the buffer before potential trucks and Bellona

Don’t know what she had eaten or “doped” 😉 she was cycling way above her normal tempo, while the wind came from the right side.

Just before Celle: the feeling that someone used a bit too much the copy paste function.. 😉
French Garden of Celle
I was used to know Einbeck as THE Fachwerk city… but the old town of Celle is impressive too!
Some friend had recommended to eat here for good traditional food ( meaning: heavy!)
Some well known had eaten here before…
So we tried it too 🙂
If you look for the loo
Must be interesting in winter time 😉
Old fashioned traditional restaurant
The towns hall
Impressive too
The Bank Sparkasse has decorated their house with some bank related signs and texts :-))
The museum across the castle
And the castle …
After few km, the road turned right to the north/north east. That’s when we started to be alone… we have seen a jogger… and sometimes few people around their (seldom) houses.
The dirt road started….
But being more or less in the forest.
Xmas trees production…
And then the sand and Australian feeling started. The trailer was really helpful and good to cycle with. <3
Some strong wind must have been here…
The north south electricity connection… wind and gas in the north, solar in the south. And below the soil: gas pipelines
Many of the dirt roads had even a cycle lane with less loose sand and quite compacted
First house when coming back to the civilisation after 30km of being more or less alone.
And first roof top without tiles.

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