To Kiel /84km

25 Jun

The journey started very humid. I would have stayed one day to rest and have some laundry…

The path along the shore.
And over the wetlands
With nice built bridges
Back to the beach..
Where I had thought that the bicycle lane would have go through. In fact: the other part saying via the cliff ended with steep metal stairs. Even worse then the memory of Chilean sand ;/)
Then road left a bit the shore
And luckily Bellona saw a sign for an ostrich farm
With a bit of African touch
Nicely made deco out of ostrich eggs
Them.. ;/)
And ostrich eggs, sausage and meat. All delicious!
I bet you can’t? ;/)
Back on the road with some nice shaded parts
And when arriving on the long beaches before Kiel, we finally saw the regatta: one of the worlds largest ship party 😉
And before arriving to the camping another specimen
Since the shops were closed on Sunday and I needed to exchange trousers and shower shoes, I needed to have some extra ride after having put up the tent. Unfortunately I hadn’t found comprehension
Potential rain? I was lucky
Arriving to Kiel
With its large shipyards
And lots of ships
And party material
A guy asked me for a euro to eat something: no one should be starving, so I bought us a beer and chicken roll
Karma, the return?
Poor lonely lady… 😉
And a war memorial for all lives lost on the sea.

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