To Bünsdorf / 50km

27 Jun

We knew the day would be rainy… some in the morning just on the tent. And later some few drops.

Special feeling… especially with the Ukrainian shituation
Many cruisers are departing from Kiel. So we just gave it a try: ask for a last second booking… but yes: not tying is losing. It was too expensive.
The vapour ship we had seen some days before.
The town hall and the stands being dismantled from the Kieler week

Trying to find the old part of Miel… not really easy or not anymore there since it was a major shipyard during ww2?
Holy Nicolai…
Tying to reconvert back? Naaaah
We found our fish… bismarck, and beer dough fish yummy
Quite spicy to see a ship with USAn and German flag on it. Even it is NATO region.
Old bunker: asking of your grandpa was Nazi. Your aren’t responsible for your ancestors but one shouldn’t avoid the reality of the past.
Trying to convert it into something peaceful
Big ship entering the nord Sea /Baltic sea channel. One of the most used channels
We over the channel
Our ferry over the channel
And following the channel: on of the bridges will be exchanged. Quite interesting,hochbruecke400.html
And another free ferry (all are free over that channel)
As we needed to leave a bit the channel side to follow the cycle path: a new type of tractor?
Chanel light… we power saving bulbs
Then a few ships can one after the other
Quite gigantic!

And eating out because we could camp on their ground 😉

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