To Kardzhali – may be last evening in Bulgaria?

7 Nov

The day started quite with high fog or smog… both possible. So first alittle discover of the town, but the visibility wasn’t best for pictures. 

I knew the day would be a bit of climbing.. but again 1100m?

And i thought to stop before Kardzhali – but there nothing adequate to finde and I had not enough to eat for the night. As it could be my last night in Bulgaria, I wanted to find a hotel – after last 15km with headwind. And some last climbing. 

And one of the best hotel up to now was the Hotel Bulgaria. The right name…

With tailwind, the climbing of 100m was joy..
A new sign I didn’t understand it:
One of the Bulgarian very important place beside where to buy wedding clothes
Was hoping for the right mixture.. but do work contraproductive…
As soon as the real climbing started, the temperature raised from 14°C to 17°C very ralidetly. 

And it is quite special not to see more of those, the way some are driving:

I was hoping of a pass… i was wrong..

Fall has arrived her as well:

Followed by similar cereal Europe region:
Nature, embellished by garbage 🙁
Need a tent? ;/)
A special art of nest:

Having agear box… I haven’t found that feature! 

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