To south of KomotiniĀ 

30 May

Waking up at the beach was a nice experience especially because of the wind and the noise. 

On the other hand, the vacuum cleaning with a towel isn’t so effective. 

Unfortunately, the app for the blog is sometimes not working as it should, so the pictures are in the wrong order. 

Since I was at the beach, I could not leave early…. it was too much of a nice view šŸ™‚

Later the day, there were many stork nest… and for me unusual: the storks were there! And below the nest, other small birds were nesting as well. 

Ancient Greek huts shown at one exhibition place… with sarcasm: to show where some of the Greek still are….. three thousand years ago / with no or low evolution  

There were small islands that the church did take over: with churches on both Islands. 

In Porto Lago, I had another very nice time: sharing more than two hours with Alkis and Dimitris. While Alkis is a father of one and a fisherman, Dimitris is a long distance truck driver having done millions of km. There were surprised about cycling so many km. 

We discussed about the society, the dogs, and garbage in nature. Especially Alkis felt externally motivated… and would wish someone to lead him out of his situation. Stopping smoking and loosing money at the pub were two main topics. 

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