To the cost, south of Sapes

30 May

Sometimes you have to sleep beside the road…in that case it was a side road which could not be seen from the main road. Even at night, the by-passing cars were not able see the tent and its reflecting parts. 

Washing at the cemetery… šŸ™‚

Well… the sign is missing another “wild life animal” that you see on the right. Unfortunately to much for me. 

Bee season starting everywhere…. I decided to turn around and renounce to see the lake from above..

And then you arrive at a place…. with a warning that you have to make a detour….

And people on the field tell you the same. So I wanted to check how it was (deepness, flow…). No way to crossed it by cycling or by pushing the bike without getting wet feet. At first, I had two solutions: taking the detour. Removing the shoes and trying to push it over. 

I took the third one:

There was just a pickup car coming and we loaded the bike on the back. Unfortunately the movie was not ok. To stressed. šŸ˜‰

Of course: I had first to be sure that there were no other “issue” afterwards… would have put me in a bad situation 

Many green places…where they were cultivating as well rice 

Big mushroom…but not knowing if I could it them!

Some friends I was happy not to know better…

And close by another place to camp at the sea. But it was to early for me. So I continued towards Alexandroupoli along the cost
Passing by many ancient ruines of theatres, tower and towns 

But it was cycling on a dirt road with only two cars the hole afternoon

And as the summary of the day… finally some damages:

Since the marine ships were making noise, I preferred to pitch the tent without a view which was good as there was a car bypassing in the night. It could have seen me.

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