Starting with arts… then crossing two borders.. to Neuf-Brisach – 77km

14 May

Starting with the Beyeler foundation:


From Riehen we crossed the border towards Germany and the next stop: the Vitra Foundation, known for their chairs and interiors:

The upper window showing different colours of their fibre glass stools
The place for children… 🙂
Their fire men house
Haven’t you already seen that kind of design? 🙂
Good memory: I ‘ve spent good times around that chair! 珞
Concrete meets nature…

Crossing the Rhine to get to the next / fourth country

As Europe should be: United, Equal
Trying to find little pathes/roads
And cycling in beautiful areas
With little sluices in between: from the time boats were small, voyaging took its time and there were no trucks nor airplanes
A happy family
Forgive… never forget! 
Since you that old part of the Rhône Rhine channel isn’t used anymore, it was just let under the highway
And we tried to find our way.
Strange milky colour… a local said it was new. Pollution? Too warm weather?

Micro turbine… that should be allowed everywhere

A whole village is fighting against bad smell…
While their graveyard has enough death and avoids pesticides et al. Good so! And thank you for the fresh water 🙂
A very nice bridge…
Finally arriving beside the closed camping Vauban: They were very friendly and let us take a shower. Thank you M. for your energy bomb: finally not a sweet again! 😉
Ready for the night!

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