Depart de Neuf-Brisach to Plobsheim – 70km

15 May
Ancienne ville bien fortifiée…
With a special french tradition : sweets… one of the best way to start the day 😉
General deGaule and Croissant au Chocolat… two of the most frenchy things? 😉
The ancient caserne seen from the wall..
The Alsacienne language showing it’s German roots
Porte du Nord..
Well.. why not some arts? 😉
Back to the Rhône Rhine channel
When you wanna use the sluice: the old message way, no internet needed 😉
And then two swans had decided to place their nest on the track… who was protected from whom? 😉
Fancy living place…
And another swan: (s)he had shown us the fives eggs… I was just too slow to shoot the picture
Hihihihi 😉
Since we are in the Flammgüchele Region… 😉
And arrived near Plombsheim south of Strasbourg where we tried to sleep at the base nautique…

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