Strasbourg, first rain since the Gotthard to Gamsheim – 43km

16 May

Once again, one should know: if you are not sure if you are legally camping (to be mild) just wake up as soon as possible and leave.

One of the guy responsible for the nautical club was first grumpy… after some smiles and humour, he then was a very nice guy.

Not only would we have avoided the confrontation but as well: we would have left before the rain. ;/)
Felt like cycling on sticky snow 🙂
The Rhine was our companion for a while…
Before we bifurcated into the wood.
The day before, the score from 3:0 had changed to 3:1 with the break of the front bag holder. As a side note: the one from click fix is way better, especially if you need to remove and outbid back from time to time. Oertlieb‘s fixation will break faster, both are compatible
That one will do it! :-)) I was very lucky that at least one cycle shop was open on a Monday and had a fixation
Arriving at the center of Strasbourg
And round the corner: the cathedral appears
With nice houses around it.
Capturing some pictures before entering the church…
Impressive monument
With its best part: date calculator including planet
So they kind of knew it… the earth ain’t the center of the world 🙂
Would that be one of the first computer? 😉
Hey bro! 🙂
Exiting the church and seeing my two babies 🙂
Place de la république
I bet Google Translate had done a better job 😉
And then… following once‘s instinct
You get to a special and important place to European who are happy of the peace on the continent
Europe and Ukraine together… at least a sign.
And the best part: if you don’t ask, you don’t get to know that the visit of the parliament is FREE!
Model of the building
A kind sign of peace. Still not to understand how Brexit could happen.
The place where many decisions were taken
The inner seats are for guests and leaders. The rest of the auditorium is mixed up: political left/right groups and in alphabetical to mix up the countries as much as possible 😀
Nice architecture…
And then time to leave…
Heading back to the Rhine dam
And seeing the loads transported by ships.
Including sluices… that one letting the door up and down instead of to the side
A creek called giessen as for watering? 😉
And enjoying a local french beer on an empty Camping.
With beach access 🙂

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