Leaving Fehnmarn to Grossenbrode /54km

23 Jun

The camping was really a gem… starting with a first coffee from the shop. Then some digital work while I was packing everything.

And we were back on the dam: that time I had one of Bellona’s bag to make it easier. I must say: since our plan change: of course too much stuff. And since the bike felt yesterday: I must be a bit more careful.
May cars and trucks taking the ferry to Denmark!
And the old train station barely used. Only every two hours a train is brought on the ferry. Everything goes by truck. Truck. And truck.
My bad: I had first assumed that it would be “only” a road hence a truck tunnel. Accordingly to https://femern.com/the-tunnel/fehmarnbelt-tunnel/ it will be road and train.
The south east of the island… with a little lunch break on one of the chairs/bench
And back to the south middle near burg where the bully (vw van) event happened
With some old/special species
Looking back to where we had had Icecream at the bully party
And the bridges arrives..
Who cute <3
After we set the tent, we went to the town…
With a new job: transport of crazy people: she loves me! :-)))

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