Meeting and cycling on Fehmarn

22 Jun

Well… after last Friday and some patience, the shituation finally evolved. We met on Fehmarn again to have a good discussion. One of the many points to be addressed was the stress induced by two goals we had more or less set in the future: and they are/were too demanding. That created exhaustion and stress. We had missed out to talk and redefine our goals accordingly to our present experience.

Three hotels in front of the beach
… that aren’t really my taste: money rules?
Isn’t the saying telling that bird poop can bring luck?
While sitting at the beach
After lots of discussions (it was getting dark)…

The journey on the next day could start again…
On a way better and happier base than the week before. And I must: kind of proud of us! :-))
Some parts of the dam are with sheep, mostly because they help maintaining the grass shorts which is needed for some other species and it protects the dam itself.
Lighthouse at the south west part of the island
And more nice dam rides.
Jimi Hendrix Memorial: Love and Peace Festival, 4.-6. Sept. 1970
And a beach to take a bath… (and cut my left underfoot)
Some parts needed to be fortified
While others are full natural
North west lighthouse
And löcktet sheep
And then the best camping so far: shower, WC and tap in one room. Clean. And 17€ (plus local taxes) for one tent and two people. The other camping on the farm (mini camping) was 20€ (plus taxes) and way not as cosy. (But very quiet)
As there is soon a “bully” (VW van) meeting, there were some nice pieces.
Well… sunset starting soon
What’s best than a sunset and your love beside you? :-)))

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