Few resting days on Fehmarn

20 Jun

After the two more sprinter days to here followed some resting and lazy days. Sure, for once the usual clean clothes or buying some food, but as well nice discussions with Angèle and René, or Dirk.

And finally as well taking some time to read. Just be lazy and read I had postponed since months.

That one told me lots about what someone had called “my ancestors”. Luckily: I am not my ancestors and happy to be able to distant myself from them.
On the way to Petersdorf: a rare phenomenon- atleast for me: a wind hose.
On the way to the grocery store: the church of Petersdorf
If you wanna get baptised…
Interesting asymmetrical design.
Life on a rocky soil
Peaceful pond
And a nice sunset like on many islands. :/-)

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