Specials for a special day, to Nea Peramos

12 May

Today’s special day started early with a loud bird’s noise at 6:30 in the morning….

…to early for me.
When some hours later a decided to think about waking up 😉 the rain wanted to greet me as well.

Luckily, I saw on the app that the weather would be better soon. So I started very slowly to prepare some coffee and put my stuff together.
At 12:30 I was finally ready and made a short clean up around the place.
And with some friends having my party:

Unfortunately I lost the plastic bag with the collected garbage after few hundred meters so I had to turn back.
After 3km, my front tire felt very soft… after a short expectation, it needed to get some anti puncture liquid and air…

But the temperature in the sun was quite nice actually :
The day along the beach continued

With some nice appearances:

And lower temperature while riding a sweet refreshment for the day:

Passing by again the lion I passed last year
And a factory making the white limestone (CaCO3) paint Greeks use on tree and houses as protection: http://homeguides.sfgate.com/limewash-base-trees-65166.html
And very nice temperature

But then the tire felt soft again… and I stopped to pump it up again. That time on purpose I went closer to the 38psi limit…
With a clear sound:

After 45min, the new tire was set up. Locally there was a motorbike store close by with an air compressor. 

The old tire landed in the bin…. and as I am lucky: the tire company proposed me to replace it. 😊😊😊😊🍀
My lucky day…. but I will have to delay my exit of Greece so the parcel can arrive. 

The journey continued:

With my new distance keeper:
View in direction of Athos

Some goats

And fisher on the beaches
One of the vestige among the coast from Byzantine time:

First view of the island Thasos…one of the next goal.

And arriving in Nea Paramos:

With the last “surprise” of the day: one the laces broken… and repaired

Well… no training, a lot of salt… and my angel wings cut 😉

The place for the special day! 😉
And the corresponding meal for the day :-)))

Bonne nuit and thanks to all the messages! 😊🍀

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