To Ruse…

1 Nov

Well… the day started quite on strange way:

I had prepared some of my luggage and wanted to finish by packing the new bought coffee powder into small bags to put them then back into the coffe box. I wasn’t really awake because I pour some of the coffee in a cycling bag. So I had to clean everything again. But the coffee was nice 🙂

Then I needed to go to the post office… where it wasn’t possible to pay by card. So needed to search a ATM. Back at the post office, much more people where waiting…

After a while, the post woman had a bit pitty and took my cards and money and would post them later.  I hope the cards will arrive!

Finally I went back to the hostel were I set everything up, but I destroyed a belt of one of the bike bags…

Finally I could leave Bucharest… and as leaving all big city it takes much more time(red light, traffic, correct direction..)

But finally I was on the way to Giurgiu and Ruse. 

The road was mainly flat with some few climbing a and the wind mainly from the side with exceptions. 

Here some pictures in the reverse order:

Had a night walk with my very friendly host: (EU spend some fountains…schools and money for teachers would be more appropriate)

After quite a time in Romania and meeting very nice people over there, it was with some emotion that I was leaving that country. It is nice to have those emotions….even it hurts a little bit. 

All beside the road, spider are putting garnment that my bike did collect…


Burning leaves and other stuff…provocating burns in the lungs 

One of the very nice roofs… I finally could take a picture from:

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  1. The lady at the post office did a good job: The postcard arrived today:-) Thanks a lot;-)

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