To Höxter via Herrmanns Statue /

5 Jun

First of all: the GPS recorder didn’t record all the day… with 1000m climbing and some 80km

We hadn’t planned to go to Höxter but another camping which seems to have been a fake or so.

The first km started soon to be near or even through military area.
The climbing to the monument was a bit more difficult, Bellona and me had agreed to meet at the top. Climbings of about 6-12%
Even here there was some support for the Ukrainian
And here to be seen the first time. My mum had told me about its presence but not why: from the 19th century when Germans wanted to created a more United country and face against the French who had beat them several in the past.
Someone was quite exhausted 😉
Cyclist like to pose… I was imagining him with our 5-10 more heavy bikes! ;o)
I decided to climb up
You can’t go higher (officially) than below the feet. Not like miss liberty;-)
The antenna in direction of the military area
Maybe another milestones?
Some armies at his feet
So we wanted as well a souvenir
I guess we had deserved it 😉
After a little lunch we had to continue: bad weather was on the go…
Quite soon we had to change to rain clothing
With the monument fainting in the far.
And even high humidity condensing on the mirror
And some nice weather again…
Monastery Marienmünster
Nice gardens…
On the way to go in…
War memorial.. to me a bit awkward
But we had lost quite much time at the monastery and so we had soon to put back the rain clothing on
Arriving in lütmarsen where they had been a local hurricane with lots of damage.
And arriving to Höxter where we had to take first a beer to decide: do we take the cheap caravan night over (just the few coins for the shower) or go to the camping… but it was raining too much so we chose the luxury solution. Thanks Bellona! :-))

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