To Veliko Tarnovo

3 Nov

Even the last time I controlled yesterday the temperature, it was below 5°C , the night inside the sleeping bag was to warm. 

But quite… the truck of the 500+m away road were not load, and there was no noise beside the dogs of the Shepard crying a bit like wolves

Finally I had packed everything… clouds were first showing bad weather. Even the wind..
But in the end it was not bad at all: 18°C and good wind
As my knee was a bit hurting in last days, and the weather forecast wasn’t that good, I preferred to stop after one of my record low… but my feeling was saying for a beak. And I had some washing to do. 

I was hoping as well to see more of that former capital of ancient Bulgaria. 
Unfortunately, one Glas is quite big her..

But a very lecker Pizza from a real pizza Ofen! :-))
Good night!

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