A new journey…. Troy

12 Jun

When I left Çanakkale in the morning, I saw the rest of the city I had not discovered by foot earlier. It seems the wind are very favourable… at least for me 🙂

I need some water bottles as I had no idea where to sleep at night on Bozcaada island I was been recommended. 

So the journey continued towards my next goal: the old/lost city of Troy.

Güle Güle says the one who stays when two are leaving “Allahaısmarladık” or “Hoşca kalın”.

Some helicopter as fire fighter

And the road following some ups and downs:

Until oh surprise… other cyclist doing the same.  As we were all a bit fighting against the steepness and I recon they were turcs. So as I don’t speak turc, I decided to bypass them… we often meet at least twice in life

And after the climbing, the reward while descending 🙂

It was a bit special to enter here as it was one of the lost city and had a Greek background. BUT: we should stop a bit connecting everything from Ancient Greece to today’s Greece. It is not the same culture and language anymore… and it was not a consistency in the history. Troja might have been Ancient Greek, but is now in Turkey, where it belongs. I have met some Greek being proud of their long history. Well… I guess, we could as well say, that if that is the same Greece as in those time, they were no evolution. Sorry, nothing personal… one has to leave as well in a pragmatic today. 

Over the year thousands, many layers have been added to Troya

On path leased to an old water tunnel they believed to be used in ancient time. 
So the journey continued through the old villages 

And while cycling between the fields, my doping bottle felt with a nice sound 😉 

And again some rice fields:

And the people met before:

So we decided to make a part of the way togehter: we had the same island as target:

And as a “thank yo”u for having fixed some bikes 🙂 and having to wait 90min for the next ferry as we missed the last one..
With Tanner,Murad and Methin:

Arriving on the island….

After some multiple decision, we could stay at a place within the winyard… very very nice 🙂

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