Little project finished…

21 Apr

…and the best part of it:

The owner is really happy 🍀🎉

Before: the sink needed to be exchanged, there was not enough place to put stuff. No towel, nor toilet paper holder.
Let’s remove…
Little surprise behind the mirror: the cable were laid in a “special” way…
And start adapt some wood that fits in the angular corners
The CD music of the day? 😉
Seems to fit!
Some testing where a potential mirror and where the faucet should be.
Addressing the issue..
Removing the damaged tiles
Preparing to cut the wall..
Ready to add an electrical tube in which the electric cable will be safe.
Tube is glued…
Preparing the tiles..
Tiles are glued.
…and sealed again.
Recycling mirror… which position (steep or leaning) can be adapted depending if a tall or smaller person is using it.
Adding lights…

Finished! ☺️☺️🍀🎉

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