On the go again… to the north first day: to Sion – 75km

3 May

After the shoulder recovery and some pimps at the house of my Mum, covid allows to travel again!

The first goal is to me meet my …. Hopefully she will be waiting! 🙂

Strong wind showing where my way is leading
Exit of the power plant
The usual place;-)
Well… I decided not to take the usual path 浪
And if was nice
Even if I lost a little part 路‍♂️
And I was not the only cyclist who had that idea and lost something 浪來
Short steep pushing over the stairs
The Rhône I never saw like that..
Entry of the power station
First time cycling right side of the Rhône near Martigny
Before Fully with channel in the mountain
Danke Karin! 珞
Big mikado?
I could start to rain../

Dinner after 75km. I’m happy knowing I had very low training in the last 16months.

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