To Çesme, the touristic region of Izmir

22 Jun

The road to leave the city was quite easy especially the first km were on the cycling lane beside the sea. 

And a look back is showing the importance of Izmir as a cargo haven. 

And here and there the Father of the Turks (Atatürk) ruling and showing the way for the Turks. 

Since it was warm and I wanted to avoid to much sugar and no synthetic one, I tried an alternative based on carrots…

It was not much of my taste. To much of carrot taste. 

Due to the importance of the haven, big radar are needed for Izmir:

Target of the day…

But following the sea side as most of possible. Ahead unfortunately a way to walk because the road isn’t passable. 

At the end of the bay, enjoy a bit the summer in the shade… the breeze from the sea was nearly cold, especially in contrast to the temperature in direct sun. 

Just after the lunch break, the story changed: climbing in the sun… not much wind and warm, if not hot. 

But in a nice green region. 

(Un)Foetunately, I had already eaten… but the smell was great! 🙂

Arriving on the top, the view over the next valley before it was going up again. 

And then one of the last hills:

Before arriving in the touristic region of Çesme

With many “strange but big buildings”

To arrive then in the old part:

And finding a old bit ok hotel

And going for dinner at the front. And yes…. sometimes one make again the same mistake. The “talker” in front of the restaurant was “talking nice”… and then you get the expensive stuff. Well… a lesson for me… to say more NO. But the calamar was tasty. At least. Just to expensive, and served so hot that my trousers and arms did get very hot oil on it 🙁

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