Direction of Florina

16 Nov

Waking up with a blue sky is always nice… 🙂

It took some time to let the tent a bit dry… but I am not in a hurry…

The main direction was the lakes before Florina and the waterfall at Edessa. 

I wish I had my camera on board: a big red moon did rise over the mountain 😍😍😍

Chilly – just a bit

The place to stay – but I had to cycle 1km back.. 🙁

I’m loving it

Some places to pray:
Start of the dust:
Another often living being:
Snow in the back..
The plateau of Edessa, between the waterfall lower part. And some slight higher plains…
Old bridge 200m away from waterfall:
View from above the waterfall

Unfortunately, the east side of the 2nd waterfall isn’t accessible because of the hydraulic power plant. 

And with and one without the guy in front of it:
Before the waterfall
Up and steep to the waterfalls:
Let’s try some Kaki/persemon: was a bit feeling like flour..

People and their clean garden:-)
Kaki or persemom trees

Fall and its colours :
I’m loving it!
Sleeping in between the trees…

May be a bit a cold night?

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